How to Make The Transition To A Data Center

Written by Rack Alley

Within the next five years, most companies expect to decommission their in-house data centers and move the majority of their workloads to a server hosting Los Angeles provider or to the cloud. Although these organizations have no specific timeline in mind, they believe that it is only a matter of time. In this case, it is wise to prepare in advance and make the eventual transition easier:

Applications are the trickiest. In-house, applications run on their servers and never share resources. However, on the cloud or rented servers, the environment is different. Often, the code is run directly, and no server interface exists. Identify the probable platform and develop the apps on the new platform. This way, migrating the apps is a much simpler process.

Servers and applications that require individual servers are much easier to handle. LA colocation is as simple as moving the server. For the cloud, the quickest and most pain-free method is to virtualize. All cloud providers have virtual machine infrastructure, and the transition is as simple as moving the virtual hard disk online. The trick is to upgrade to the latest version of the OS as most providers do not allow legacy operating systems.

The other option is to use cloud-based services to replace in-house applications. A recent survey found that 84% of the companies polled used an HR system developed internally. All these organizations could simply use a cloud subscription based system rather than migrate the in-house system to the cloud.


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