Connecting External Storage To A Computer

January 22, 2018

There are times when we need more storage than we have available on the drives on the computer. Usually, the answer to this question is to install a Network Attached Storage device. These are also known as NAS devices. They are devices that connect to the network and provide additional storage. Unfortunately, even with the best discount online shopping deals, can be expensive. Here are a couple of other options…


Computers: How Do You Find the Best Rental PC for You?

How do you find the best laptop rental in Los Angeles for your needs? Obviously, you first need to know where to rent a computer. The key to choosing a laptop rental is to understand what you might do with such a device. Do you need the power to edit audio and video? Are you looking for a workhorse you can take with you on a trip? Once you’ve answered…

February 10, 2017