How to Effectively Run a Security Operations Center

Summary: Efficiency is one of the most important factors when it comes to SOCs.

Many large-scaled companies are shifting their focus on utilizing a human touch rather than a technologically-run element that rely on a script. Security Operations Center (SOC) operatives continuously manage known and existing network threats while working on new ways to identify emerging risks. Obviously, this is an ongoing process that’s going to take time but new and improved technological elements are going to be devised that will completely change the way the world handles cyber threats.

The Latest in Cyber Threats

For the best results, operatives must keep up-to-date with the latest in threat intelligence and leverage this info to improve their overall detection skills. Furthermore, it’ll also provide them with the tools necessary to create better defense mechanisms to combat these threats.

SOC staff must also continuously feed threat intelligence into their SOC monitoring tools to keep up to date with the latest threats, and they must also have numerous processes in place to discriminate between real threats and those that aren’t even worth their time. All in all, it’s a constant struggle that they must handle adequately in order to keep a company fully secure.

Successful operatives will utilize security automation to their advantage. By combining both highly-skilled analysts with this security automation, organizations will ultimately increase the power of their analytics to enhance security measures and better defend against data breaches. In order to run an effective SOC, all of these measures must be put into place and followed at all time. It won’t just help improve their overall efficiency, but it’ll also prevent future incidents from occurring.

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