Small Aspects That Can Increase Office Productivity

October 28, 2018

Summary: Small changes in the office can help you make the office more comfortable, and thus a more productive environment. One of the keys to creating growth in your organization is having employees who feel comfortable and who are able to work their best. In order to bring the best out of your employees they need to be in a place where they feel they can get in their element…


The Sources of Blue Light and How to Minimize Their Effects

Summary: Blue light can be found in a variety of places and can unfortunately be harmful to your health. Understanding what it is and where it comes from can help you reduce your exposure to the damaging light rays.   Growing up we many of us quickly learned about the dangers of sunlight for the eyes. Even if we are not looking directly into the sun, the effects of the…

August 29, 2018

How to Stay Connected with Your Team

Summary: The internet has made it easier than ever to stay connected with not only loved ones but also your coworkers, business partners, and clients.   Keeping in touch with others online is not necessarily a new concept. Emails have existed for years, helping people conveniently send text messages back and forth wherever they have an internet connection. Online communication has come a long way since then, enabling people to…

June 27, 2018

Connecting External Storage To A Computer

January 22, 2018

There are times when we need more storage than we have available on the drives on the computer. Usually, the answer to this question is to install a Network Attached Storage device. These are also known as NAS devices. They are devices that connect to the network and provide additional storage. Unfortunately, even with the best discount online shopping deals, can be expensive. Here are a couple of other options…


The Current State of NOC Centers and How They Coexist with Data Centers

December 26, 2017

Summary: Today’s NOC centers aren’t defined as simple operations centers, but as a bustling hive of continuously moving parts to effectively run a system. Network Operations Centers are centralized locations within a business or company that supports its’ IT infrastructure and other essential components. Ultimately, it ensures data center availability and plays a crucial role within the organization. For instance, it supports a computer network, detects and resolves infrastructure issues,…


Game Consoles Versus Computers, New Straits Times-Management Times

December 12, 2017

GAMERS will do what we must to get the best of computer gaming. And the things that limit us are basically time and money. Although we would love to lose ourselves in our favorite games for days on end, we have to eat, sleep, study and work. This means that our gaming interests cannot be too diverse. Lest we would not be able to be good at anything.


Software to the Rescue

November 18, 2017

Small shop depends on software to compete, be accurate and stay on track. Can software save a shop? Walt Moore says that’s what happened in his shop. This is not the story of some computer geek turned woodworker or, for that matter, a woodworker turned computer geek. Moore is a third-generation woodworker who prides himself on practical solutions in the shop. He’ll spend 10 minutes proudly showing off a shaper…


The Imposing Threat of Viruses on Computers

September 22, 2017

Summary: The truth surrounding anti-virus companies are leaving people debating whether or not enough is being done. Viruses. They can infect your computer out of nowhere, leaving you helpless to the crippling program that some troublemaker created likely out of sole boredom. They can jam your system resources, steal your information, infect your data, and even go as far as to reformat your hard drive. They’re serious, evolving threats that…


Software Round-up

September 10, 2017

Data, order entry, speed, charting, analysis – these are some of the main features you look for in trading software – not to mention education and cost. Finding the one that suits you best can seem overwhelming, but not if you focus on the main points. Here is the first of a multi-part series on trading software. It probably wouldn’t be wise to just pick a trading software or platform…


How to Effectively Run a Security Operations Center

August 22, 2017

Summary: Efficiency is one of the most important factors when it comes to SOCs. Many large-scaled companies are shifting their focus on utilizing a human touch rather than a technologically-run element that rely on a script. Security Operations Center (SOC) operatives continuously manage known and existing network threats while working on new ways to identify emerging risks. Obviously, this is an ongoing process that’s going to take time but new…