The Imposing Threat of Viruses on Computers

Summary: The truth surrounding anti-virus companies are leaving people debating whether or not enough is being done.

Viruses. They can infect your computer out of nowhere, leaving you helpless to the crippling program that some troublemaker created likely out of sole boredom. They can jam your system resources, steal your information, infect your data, and even go as far as to reformat your hard drive. They’re serious, evolving threats that continue to plague users everywhere.

Attacks Can Come from Anywhere

Security attacks continue to surface in a variety of shapes and forms. For instance, people now use broadband services to remain online 24/7. Because of this, direct hacks onto home computers are no becoming more and more common. Remember, hackers love to target users that are online all the time and developing new ways to infiltrate home computers. There are even the more subtle attacks that use advertisements to bait users to provide them with personal information. While you might be thinking that you have the smarts to avoid this, know that by simply seeing this pop-up, you could be placing yourself in harm’s way.

Can They Be Stopped?

When it’s all said and done, this isn’t a lose-lose situation. As these threats continue to evolve, so do security systems. Operations center workstations continuously monitor and weed out new threats, identify them, and come out with new technologies to defeat them before they can even start to make a move. By simply choosing an efficient security software, you could be fighting crime without even knowing it.

Companies like are continuously coming out with new enhancements to security consoles so major anti-virus corporations can fight against these threats. So, while you might be thinking there are major holes in anti-security softwares today, you also have to remember that these holes are quickly filled as soon as these anti-virus companies find them – which occur on a daily basis.



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