Software to the Rescue

November 18, 2017

Small shop depends on software to compete, be accurate and stay on track. Can software save a shop? Walt Moore says that’s what happened in his shop. This is not the story of some computer geek turned woodworker or, for that matter, a woodworker turned computer geek. Moore is a third-generation woodworker who prides himself on practical solutions in the shop. He’ll spend 10 minutes proudly showing off a shaper…


Despite Console Market Share, All Is Not Lost For PC Gaming

October 5, 2017

A visit to the local computer game store has been a disturbing experience of late. Never mind the predictable brutality and gore of the games. Here’s the really creepy part: Fewer and fewer of the latest titles will run on a PC. The explosive success of Sony’s PlayStation 2 gaming platform, and the less spectacular but sizable demand for Microsoft’s Xbox and Nintendo’s GameCube, has recast the computer gaming market….


The Imposing Threat of Viruses on Computers

September 22, 2017

Summary: The truth surrounding anti-virus companies are leaving people debating whether or not enough is being done. Viruses. They can infect your computer out of nowhere, leaving you helpless to the crippling program that some troublemaker created likely out of sole boredom. They can jam your system resources, steal your information, infect your data, and even go as far as to reformat your hard drive. They’re serious, evolving threats that…


Software Round-up

September 10, 2017

Data, order entry, speed, charting, analysis – these are some of the main features you look for in trading software – not to mention education and cost. Finding the one that suits you best can seem overwhelming, but not if you focus on the main points. Here is the first of a multi-part series on trading software. It probably wouldn’t be wise to just pick a trading software or platform…


Aptera Software

February 8, 2017

If someone took a poll of the nation’s computer industry employees, northeast Indiana probably would not top the list as a magnet for software developers and computer programmers. However, there is at least one local firm that is successfully promoting the area’s image by building a diverse list of clients, computer consulting services, and innovative computer programs and, in the process, is attracting and keeping some of its industry’s best…


Can Six Sigma Be Used in Software Development?

January 20, 2017

It would be difficult to practice Six Sigma without software-and yet Six Sigma for software development has historically been difficult to practice. Six Sigma was designed for manufacturing, but it needs to be adapted so it can be applied to software development. In manufacturing, the first item produced can be considered a prototype. After that, all the energy goes into reproducing exact replicas over and over. It can be a…


HVACR Software for Under $100: Wireless and GPS Technology for Managing Mobile Workers

January 14, 2017

For many small- and medium-sized HVACR wholesalers, investing in technology means signing up for Internet access. Most of the time, these companies simply cannot afford the cost of more advanced systems, nor do they have the in-house expertise to deploy and manage them. Fortunately, a new breed of technology solutions is emerging that allows smaller companies to gain the same business process advantages as larger ones. Based on a model…


Which Languages Should an Android or iPhone Developer Know?

July 30, 2016

Determining which programming languages to employ in iPhone or Android app development depends on how complex the app will be. Apps that don’t take extensive advantage of all of a smartphone’s resources can be written much like website apps that rely on simple tools such as HTML5, CSS, and Javascript. For more powerful apps, all-purpose, object-oriented languages are a must. Even here, additional programming software is needed to realize a…


Privacy and Security

July 19, 2016

Much goes on behind the screens of the computers in an office or company. Something that most employees do not know is that all the computers are all linked up in a way other than an office network over the internet. Something called a remote desktop protocol is built in to each and every computer. Most companies op to use third party RDPs because some of them are easier to…