Privacy and Security

Much goes on behind the screens of the computers in an office or company. Something that most employees do not know is that all the computers are all linked up in a way other than an office network over the internet. Something called a remote desktop protocol is built in to each and every computer. Most companies op to use third party RDPs because some of them are easier to use and offer much more sophisticated features. For example, certain software companies offer terminal server monitoring with their remote desktop software. Many IT departments can find this useful and use it as a way to make sure that their computer systems are all working fine, up to date, and problem free. This also allows an IT department to trace the source of any problem that harms the company’s systems.

Another good reason why companies and their IT departments choose to use the remote desktop protocol is because it allows them the ease of monitoring remote desktop systems. This is much more helpful than a simple internet network because not only is it possible to share data instantly from computer to computer, it is also possible to keep track of the work that is being one or has been done on the computers on the network. Lastly, remote desktop protocol offers privacy and actually does not need connection to the internet, but only a local connection between computers. This may very well prevent security threats such as hackers and viruses.