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MOSFET still the king in semiconductors

In 1977, Alex Lidow, a physicist and the Chief Executive Officer of Efficient Power Conversion based in El Segundo, California co-invented the silicon based transistor known as MOSFET (metal-oxide-semiconductor field-efficient transistor). It is the most commonly used transistor for amplifying or switching electronic signals today mostly in digital and analog circuits. This device is hugely popular in power supplies, washing machines and many others. MOSFET hold an advantage over the…


The Internet of Things

What is the real meaning of Internet of Things? Some may think it as another buzz word such as green technology. However, it has a real meaning when it comes to IT and technology. It is the interconnection of computing devices within the current Internet infrastructure including devices, systems and services. These devices and services refers to a wide variety including sensors in automobiles, biotech devices such as heart monitoring…